Medical Reports: Spine Fixer
Reported by: Christine Cruz Producer: Jeannie Salameh
Christine Cruz

Christine Cruz

Anybody with a bad back knows the pain can prevent you from living a normal life. But you may be able to stop suffering — without surgery. Tonight, 7’s Christine Cruz is showing us a new tool to align your spine.

WSVN–It’s an old superstition…

But, in reality, it’s reaching, bending, and lifting that may put you flat on your back.

Anthony Rack: “My back was really starting to hurt upper back and middle lower back. My right leg turned really numb.”

Anthony Rack had a back attack while helping build homes for a non-profit housing group.

Anthony Rack: “It felt literally like take 5,000 needles and throw them right in your back right at certain points and that’s what it felt like all day all night long.”

Turns out Anthony had a herniated disk.

But desperate for relief, he tried a new treatment called spinal mobilization.

Dr. Jeffrey Perelman: “It’s a handheld device that therapists may use to treat patients with severe back problems or back pain even if they’ve had it for many years.”

Back problems affect eighty percent of Americans at some time in their life.

Traditionally physical therapists use their hands to work the spine… But they can only do so much.
Dr. Jeffrey Perelman: “Unfortunately therapists are just not capable of treating patients with the strength that’s necessary to restore mobility or flexibility to the back.”

But with the spinal mobilization machine, they can return that flexibility by rotating the vertebrae.

Dr. Jeffrey Perelman: “With our device it allows them to put a regular consistent amount of force and strength to restore that flexibility and mobility.”

Anthony was impressed after the first treatment.

Anthony Rack: “After the first visit I saw results.”

After 7 more…

Anthony Rack: “I’m 99-point 9 percent pain free. I can sleep directly through the night no problem at all.”

But physicians do have their concerns.

Dr. Eric Kaplan: “In the hands of an untrained professional I think any device any technology that can deal with the spine could cause damage.”

Plus you can’t get the treatment if you have spine fractures, severe osteoporosis, or other serious medical conditions.

As for Anthony, his back pain is in the past…

While he has his eyes set on the future.

Anthony Rack: “This treatment right here gave me my life back, that’s exactly what it did.”

The procedure is FDA approved.

You should begin feeling a difference after the first treatment, but you need about 6 to 8 sessions to really feel the full effect.

And, it is covered by most insurance.

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