Instrument Offers New Method For Treating Back Pain
Device Manipulates Spine To Restore Motion

CONCORD, N.H. — A new treatment for chronic back pain is being offered at a Concord clinic.

Therapists at Coppola Physical Therapy said the advanced spinal mobilization instrument is a new way to help people who experience debilitating back pain that hasn’t responded to other treatment.

“It’s gentle, slow, tolerable,” said Steve Coppola of Coppola Physical Therapy. “It’s also consistent pressure. I can do it multiple times. With my hands, I get tired and lose effectiveness.”

Coppola’s Concord office is the only New Hampshire location to offer advanced spinal mobilization and just the third in the nation. Patient Susan D’Angelo agreed to give it a try after she began experiencing debilitating back pain after a fall at work.

“I went down on my hands and had back pain,” she said. “I went to traditional therapy and got no relief at all.”

Coppola said the device is designed to open even the tightest, most injured places along the spine. He said it opens up the joints to restore their range of motion.

D’Angelo said the results came almost immediately.

“I have no need for my medications, no spasms,” she said. “It’s wonderful.”

Coppola said that advanced spinal mobilization may help people who have exhausted their other options.

“Acute strains, people who have disk injuries and just don’t have anywhere to get relief. People who don’t want injections or invasive procedures — this is a great option,” he said.

The advanced spinal mobilization instrument has been used for years in Great Britain, but it was only recently approved in the United States. Coppola said patients typically require between five and 11 sessions for maximum results, and in most cases, the treatment is covered by insurance.

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