CBS Health Watch: New Device To Combat Back Pain
Dr. David Marks, M.D.: Constant Pressure On Spine A Welcome Feeling For Some

Dr. David Marks M.D.

(CBS) NEW YORK It looks like a massage, but some physical therapists say this device could help people with back pain. The instrument runs up and down the spine, rotating each vertebra, which helps restore function and mobility to the injured spine and relieving pain.

“When you restore function and mobility, patients demonstrate phenomenal results.“ said Dr. Jeffrey Perelman with Spine Therapy Medical Group, the company marketing the device.

Traditionally, physical therapists use their hands to perform spinal mobilization, but Dr. Perelman says hands eventually get tired and lose their effectiveness, but this device works nonstop.

Anthony Rack started the treatment after he herniated a disc lifting heavy equipment. The 27-year-old has had several treatments, and says much of his back pain is gone.

“Immediately I thought this is great, I’m feeling half the pain I was feeling before I even walked in here,” he said.
The company says every patient must have a physical therapy evaluation before beginning the treatment. In most cases, this treatment is covered by insurance.

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