Alternative Treatment Used For Back Pain Relief
NBC 10

A new treatment, used successfully in Europe, is making its way to the United States and is showing promising results for those suffering with back pain.

After a recent car accident, tire company owner Lindsey Clark suffered from severe back pain that kept him from doing his job. “1 couldn’t walk, couldn’t come to work, couldn’t find any place comfortable to sit,” said Clark. He tried everything including painkillers, surgery, physical therapy and acupuncture, but nothing helped relieve the pain.

Then Clark found help from an unlikely source, a device called Powered Spinal Mobilization. Dr. Jeffrey Perelman, a pain specialist, said that when back pain happens, the spine stiffens to protect itself.

Therapists used to mobilize the spine by applying pressure with their hands, but now the device does all the work by gently rocking opposing vertebrae.

“We really give patients their life back. That’s the most thrilling thing as a physician that 1 could possibly have the opportunity to be involved with,” said Perelman.

Experts said that in a 30-minute session, the device can do what therapists used to do in 20 visits. At first Clark was skeptical, but after the first five treatments he was a believer. “1 walked out of there at 4:30 p.m. one afternoon and 1 was just totally pain free. My attitude is fantastic,” said Clark. “My whole quality of life has changed tremendously.”

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