Non-Surgical Back Relief
Reported By: Roxanne Stein WPTV News Channel S West Palm Beach

Roxanne Stein

Imagine back pain so painful that you are disabled or pain so difficult to diagnose that you are told you have had a stroke or M.S.?  Now imagine a way to relieve that pain without surgery.

It happened to one woman, but today she is pain free thanks to an area doctor who has a unique tool to align the spine all without surgery. Life was good for Deirdre Coniglio until about a year ago when she was injured on the job.

“I started getting a left side paralysis, meaning arm, leg, hands curled up, no feeling from the knee down couldn’t bend my foot or curl my toes.”

It was nerve damage and two bulging discs. She was facing surgery to relieve her pain until she heard about spinal mobilization. “I could barely stand and walk around. I lost my job, I lost my life. ” According to Dr. Jeffrey Perelman, President of Advanced Spinal Technologies. “We non-invasively treat patients with gentle pressure over the spine, moving vertebrae, restoring flexibility and mobility.”

Several times a week, Dierdre is treated with the spinal mobilization equipment. “By the first session I experienced a lot less pain, by the second session my hand relaxed, by the 4th session I could feel my foot and the progress continued on and on.”

Here’s how the spinal mobilization works: According to Dr. Perelman, “In the hands of the therapist treating the spine from top to bottom, rocking each vertebra with a gentle motion thru the normal range of motion of the joint, they restore flexibility and relieve pain.”

Today, Deirdre is pain free walking and with full use of her left arm thanks to these tiny feet massaging her spine. Dierdre says “My life, was upside down this has put it right.” Spinal mobilization isn’t for everyone. Spine fractures, severe osteoporosis and some other medical conditions may mean you can’t try it. Always check with your doctor before undergoing treatment. Spinal mobilization is FDA approved. It is covered by most insurance.