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Power Assisted Spinal Mobilization - Eliminate Pain, Restore Mobility and Flexibility, Improve Quality of Life, Regain Your Freedom

Powered Spinal Mobilization

The Advanced Spinal Mobilization Instrument is the only technology assisted device intended to duplicate the manual spinal mobilization technique performed by many medical practitioners. The device provides practitioners the ability to effectively and efficiently treat the entire spine.

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Coppola Physical Therapy acquires the ASMI to effectively and efficiently perform spinal mobilization treatments on his patients to help fix their chronic back problems. Power assisted spinal mobilization has been proven to help reduce pain, and restore motion in patients suffering with back problems.

Treatments with the ASMI

Treatments with the ASMI includes 3 distinct modes, Spasm, Reflex, and Mobilization. These three modes effectively restores the spine's flexibility and your mobility. Treatments can reduce/eliminate chronic back pain when applied against a host of spinal dysfunctions.